Geophysical and Complex Fluid Dynamics

2007 2009


The primary focus is the mathematical modeling of complex and classic geophysical fluid dynamics, which are key elements in many geophysical phenomena such as volcanic eruptions, mud slides and avalanches. Bringing sophisticated mathematical and computational elements to bear on these problems is the main motivation for this project, which will involve geophysicists as well as applied mathematicians. Particular emphasis will be on complex geophysical fluids, multiphase flow in volcanic systems, waves in geophysical fluids, and particle-driven geophysical flow. It is based at UBC, UA and SFU, with the participation of:

Balmforth (UBC), Bergantz (UW), d'Asaro (UW), Frigaard (UBC), Gingras (UA), Hsieh (UBC), Hungr (UBC), Jellinek (UBC), Kunze (UVic), Lawrence (UBC), Milewski (U. Wisconsin), Moodie (UA), Muraki (SFU), Parsons (UW), Rhines (UW), Sutherland (UA) and Tung (UW).

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Scientific Activities

CRG Visitors:

Post-doctoral fellow:

Guillaume Carazzo (UBC)