Math Teacher Workshops

A variety of workshops, designed to support elementary and secondary school teachers' math knowledge and classroom practice are provided by our institution thanks to support from the Actuarial Foundation of Canada.


Math Teacher Workshops 1


If you are interested in having a math teachers workshop in your area, please fill in the application form, and we will contact you within a few days to discuss the details.

"The course was interesting, engaging and fun. I really enjoyed exploring new concepts in a new and exciting way. Melania and Cameron helped me to think outside the box, discuss math concepts with friends and family and genuinely renewed my love for math. Thank you to everyone who made this course possible; it should be a staple for all elementary teachers!" —Math Summer School for Elementary School Teachers Participant 2021

Math Teachers Workshop 2

Math Summer Camp 2021—Journey of discovery for Harvinder Notay and Tim Zacharias

A brief presentation, created by 2 participants, to express their gratitude for the workshop, the invaluable learning they received, and the connections that were made.


These workshops are funded by the Actuarial Foundation of Canada and are provided to teachers free of charge.