The bcdata initiative is a collaborative effort to build a vibrant community intertwining people from government, industry, universities and not-for-profits toward three goals:

  1. Share knowledge and identify opportunities emerging from the data explosion,
  2. Develop training experiences and career pathways for young mathematical scientists (mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists) and support organizations in recruiting talent,
  3. Forge long-term research and development partnerships to improve society and advance industry in British Columbia.

The bcdata community meets monthly for the bcdata colloquium, a networking event with presentations on various data science topics. The initiative also hosts problem solving workshops in the summer, where government, industry, and not-for-profit partners are invited to contribute challenge problems and collaborate with interdisciplinary teams of students and university researchers. The 2017 and 2018, workshops have catalyzed long-term research and development partnerships within the bcdata community.


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