ELMACON is an elementary math contest organized by PIMS for children in grades 5 to 7 and is one of the premier math contests in Canada. It typically takes place in late April or early May each year and consists of two written rounds and a quick-fire spoken round to determine the overall winners of each grade. The contest is very challenging, but is also a fun and exciting way to experience mathematics.

ELMACON was created under the guidance of Dr. Cary Chien, formerly of David Thompson Secondary School in collaboration with the BCAMT and volunteers from UBC, SFU and the Lower Mainland. ELMACON gives students from grades 5 to 7 a chance to experience mathematics as an exciting sport.

The contest is modelled after the successful MathCounts competitions (which are also supported by PIMS), but is aimed at younger students. Students from each of grades 5, 6, and 7 compete in separate divisions. Each division enjoys three rounds of competition.

See the official ELMACON website at for full details.



Note: no calculators are allowed and there is a nominal registration fee.