In 2024 or 2024-2025, researchers and academics who are members of Insmi's UMRs may spend a medium- or long-term period abroad at one of the PIMS member institutions.

In order to plan their stay as efficiently as possible, applicants should discuss their project informally with the deputy scientific director responsible for international affairs at Insmi ( This should be done at a very early stage (before submitting their application), when applicants should also contact the PIMS Director ( to obtain their provisional agreement.


Applications should be sent to, with a copies being sent to the PIMS Director ( and the director of the applicant's home institution. The deadline for applications is 15 October 2023. This deadline is updated yearly. Please reach out to for updates on the current year's deadline. Applications must include:

  • a CV
  • a list of publications
  • a description of the research project at the IRL, including projected dates
  • a letter from the person inviting the project to be undertaken at the IRL
  • agreement from the Director of the IRL (an email will suffice)
  • agreement from the director of the home UMR (an email will suffice).

Once the application has been submitted, the timetable is:

  • until the end of January 2024: examination of applications in consultation with the IRL directors
  • during 2024: communication of the results (this will be dependent on the date on which the CNRS "delegations" are announced).

For an IRL assignment such as PIMS, it is necessary for academics to obtain a CNRS "delegation" (and not, for example, a CRCT). It is therefore essential to apply for a delegation for the 2024-2025 campaign, according to the timetable set by the applicant's university. Applicants should enter "PIMS" as the host laboratory and must have obtained the agreement of the PIMS director ( prior to submitting their application.


As the CNRS operates on a calendar year basis and the delegations' calendar is based on the university calendar, Insmi will consider both 2024 projects (calendar year, CNRS researchers only) and 2024-2025 applications (university year, CNRS researchers, academics).

Colleagues working in a UMR belonging to another CNRS institute (INS2I, INP, Insis, etc.) who wish to apply for a period at an IRL that is governed by Insmi must inform their home institute of their application.

For further information, please contact