Educational Programs (for K-12)

PIMS sponsors and coordinates a wide assortment of educational activities for the K-12 level, as well as undergraduate, graduate students, women and minorities. We are dedicated to increasing public awareness of the importance of mathematics and want young people to see that mathematics is a subject that opens doors to careers in science, industry and many other exciting fields.

PIMS believes that training the next generation of mathematical scientists and promoting diversity within mathematics cannot begin too early. From its inception, PIMS has supported educational initiatives, including:

  • Organizing interesting, fun and challenging math events for children of all ages.
  • Facilitating access to information about math education matters to parents, teachers and university faculty. (Newsletters, workshops, conferences, special publications, etc.)
  • Coordinating workshops to facilitate communication between parents, teachers, mathematicians and math educators.
  • Publishing Pi in the Sky, a math magazine for high school students, to promote mathematics, increase the involvement of high school students in mathematical activities, and promote careers in mathematical sciences.
  • Holding the Elementary Math Contest (ELMACON) for grades 5-7 students.
  • Organizing a series of mathematical events in schools (Math Fairs in Alberta and Math Mania in B.C.).
  • Supporting Math on the Move in rural Saskatchewan.
  • Hosting the annual Changing the Culture conferences for school teachers.


PIMS promotes numeracy and mathematical education in First Nations communities. At the request of several First Nations schools, we organize week-long teacher training sessions. We have also developed a mentorship program where faculty and students from local universities pair with school teachers to assist in their mathematical training and provide a support network.

PIMS Education Coordinators

Dr. Melania Alvarez
Education Coordinator
Joanna Niezen
Education Coordinator - Simon Fraser University
Patrick Maidorn
Education Coordinator - University of Regina
Darja Barr
Eduction Coordinator - University of Manitoba
Gary Au
Education Coordinator - University of Saskatchewan
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University of Lethbridge, Education Coordinator
No Image
University of Calgary, Education Coordinator