Applied Combinatorics

2014 2017

The CRG in Applied Combinatorics will address problems at the interface of discrete mathematics and the physical sciences. The key objects are beautiful and subtle combinatorial models, which are of interest to both pure and applied mathematicians and increasingly, play a deep role in a variety of phenomena in the sciences. This CRG will tie together researchers working in this area across Western Canada to form a self-sustaining research network.


Topics to be considered include the combinatorics associated to: lattice models of polymers, quantum field theory, the statistical mechanics of jamming phenomena, models of RNA and DNA, nesting structures and secondary RNA structures, ancestral genome reconstruction, 3D lattice paths and the kernel method.


Activities envisaged include a 2015 summer school and workshop on physical combinatorics, a flagship research conference in 2016 and inter-university seminars connecting the three sites. A large number of visitors are anticipated, including the scientific committee members as well as F. Brown (CNRS; Jussieu), J. de Gier (Melbourne), E. Fusy (CNRS; Polytechnique), M. Kauers (Johannes Kepler), D. Kreimer (Humboldt University), C. Krattenthaler (Vienna), Y. Le Borgne (CNRS; Marne-la-Vallee), N. Madras (York), A. Owczarek (Melbourne), K. Raschel (CNRS; Tours), B. Janse van Rensburg (York), O. Schnetz (Erlangen), D. Sumners (Florida State) and M. Vazquez (San Francisco State). Several postdoctoral fellows will be associated with the CRG as well.



CRG Organizing Committee:

  • Marni Mishna (Simon Fraser University)
  • Karen Yeats (Simon Fraser University)
  • Andrew Rechnitzer (University of British Columbia)
  • Chris Soteros (University of Saskatchewan)

CRG Scientific Committee:

  • M. Bousquet-Melou (Bordeaux)
  • F. den Hollander (Leiden)
  • A. Guttmann (Melbourne)
  • T. Prellberg (Queen Mary)
  • S. Whittington (Toronto)

Planned Scientific Activities

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Ongoing Events

SFU Discrete Math Seminar


 Full scientific report for 2015 Discrete Math Seminar available here.