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The PIMS community has an active group of researchers in topology and related fields. Their research may be roughly divided into two major themes: geometric and algebraic. Among the geometric issues being studied by PIMS topologists are the classification of manifolds (particularly in dimension 3 and 4), group actions on Riemann surfaces, knot theory and its applications, and relating 3-manifold topology to relativity theory. A sample of the contributions in algebraic topology are: application of algebraic topology to robotics, developing equivariant minimal models in homotopy theory, applying subtle algebraic properties of projective spaces and bundles to solve classical problems in quadratic forms and combinatorics. Because of their geographic separation and diversity of interests, this community of scientists is particularly well-served by forming a collaborative research group.

PIMS Distinguished Chair

The CRG will have two Distinguished Chairs:

Roger Fenn (University of Sussex) at UBC in 2004

Fred Cohen (University of Rochester, New York) at UBC in 2005


CRG Leaders: 

U. Alberta:


U. Calgary:

U. Washington:

PIMS Post-doctoral Fellow
2005-2006: Antonio Ramírez (UBC)


Dr. Elena Kudryavtseva will be arriving at the University of Calgary in September 2004 as a PIMS Visiting Research Fellow with the Collaborative Research Group in Topology and be staying for one year. Prior to her arrival she can be contacted through Dr Peter Zvengrowski at UC at zvengrow@math.ucalgary.ca. Once she arrives her office will be Math and Stats 570 and phone will be (403)210-8697.