Applied, Algebraic and Geometric Topology

2014 2018
Moebius Strip

Topology is a central area of mathematics, with broad interactions with many other fields as well as emerging applications to subjects such as robotics, economics, computer science and large data set analysis. The subject often is divided into its applied, algebraic and geometric constituents, each of which is a thriving subfield with interesting problems and lots of activity. However the compartmentalization of topology makes the training of students and postdocs a major challenge, as there are many common concepts and natural opportunities for cross-fertilization that are lost by emphasizing a narrow focus.

This CRG emphasizes all three aspects of topology mentioned above, providing opportunities for exploring new lines of research and for training the new generation of students and young researchers with emphasis on both depth and breadth. Recent exciting developments in topology such as the solution of the Kervaire Invariant One problem, the proof of the Virtually Haken Conjecture, as well as the emergence of algebraic topology as a tool for analyzing large data sets indicate that this is an especially opportune
time to organize thematic activities in this important discipline.



CRG Organizing Committee:

  • K.Bauer (Calgary)
  • R.Budney (Victoria)
  • J.Palmieri(Washington)
  • A.Pettet (UBC)
  • D.Rolfsen (UBC)
  • D.Sinha (Oregon)
  • D.Stanley (Regina).


CRG Scientific Committee:

  • A.Adem (UBC)
  • R.Cohen (Stanford University)
  • I.Hambleton (McMaster)
  • J.Grodal (Copenhagen)
  • S.Weinberger (U.Chicago)
  • D.Wise (McGill)


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2016 Activities:

2017 Activities: 

  • May- Sept 2017: Visiting Faculty: Simon Gritschacher (Oxford) at UBC; Pascal Lambrechts (UCLouvain) at URegina.

2018 Activities: