CNRS Postes Rouges

The Institut de Mathématiques du CNRS (INSMI) will be offering a limited number of research positions in France, for the 2024 calendar year. These positions are available to foreign visitors from the “IRLs”, “LIAs” or “IRNs” and provide funding support by reimbursing research expenses related to the trip (travel, accommodation and meals). This research reimbursement will be fully managed by the French laboratory hosting the visiting researcher and they will work with the visitor to ensure the right processes are followed.

These positions are for three months (shorter visits cannot be funded under this scheme) and are available to non-French academics (assistant, associate or full professors) at any PIMS member university (French citizens with full-time positions at PIMS institutions are also eligible to apply). The support can be applied for as a part of a longer research visit if explained in the application.

Applicants are required to conduct their visits during the 2024 calendar year. A clear connection with the scientific activity of the IRL/LIA/IRN should appear in the file. 

Applications Instructions

Please provide the following information

  • A CV (with a list of publications).
  • A specific scientific project for the visit.
  • Tentative dates of stay. The three-month visit must take place between Jan 1 and Nov 30, 2024.
  • The candidates (or the inviting researcher) must contact the director of the inviting French laboratory and obtain his or her agreement (email is ok).

Applications should be sent to the PIMS Director ( The application deadline is October 6, 2023 (this deadline is updated annually, typically in the summer. Please reach out to for enquiries about this year's deadline). Completed proposals will forwarded to the CNRS Poste Rouge for review and appointment.

Reimbursement Process
  • The total level of reimbursement is EUR 9000 for the 3 months (including travel).
  • The Procedure for booking travel, including the incoming flight must be ordered by the French host laboratory.
  • The maximum level of reimbursement for accommodation varies according to your place of residence in France.
  • The level of reimbursement for meals is EUR 17.50 per lunch and dinner.

Both French and PIMS Researchers should discuss these conditions before applying. Once the PIMS researcher has received confirmation of funding for the Postes Rouges, they should contact the French laboratory's administration team (via the inviting researcher) to receive further instructions regarding the mission expenses.