Math Summer School for Elementary School Teachers

Math Summer School for Elementary School Teachers


The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences and the Departments of Mathematics at UBC, and SFU will be offering a 4-week Math Summer School for Elementary School Teachers this summer. The summer school will run from Monday July 4th to Friday July 29th, 2022.


Teachers are expected to attend (online) from 9:00 to 12:30 every weekday and to work on their own at home for another half an hour each day. They will be paid a $1,300 stipend upon completion of the program.


Registration is now open, please see the registration section below for more information. Applicants will be contacted directly about the status of their application.


Summer School Structure

Participating teachers will have the opportunity to:

  • Improve their mathematical knowledge and skills.
  • Broaden their understanding of mathematics and its applications.
  • Develop strategies for teaching.
  • Develop exemplary lessons that can be used by other teachers.
  • Enhance their professional networks.


Program Requirements

The summer school is open to 21 teachers, meeting the following requirements.

  • We want to have 3 teachers per school attending the summer school. If they are able to meet in person during the sessions (to work in a group) please indicate this your application. Complete groups of three will be given preference over groups of two or individuals, but they are also encouraged to apply. The reason for this is so that as a group, they are later able to develop an enthusiastic culture around math at their school, and to support each other.
  • Candidates need to be able to attend every day, to actively participate in all activities.


Program Structure

We will be focusing on 7 schools each year, and we will be providing additional support to those schools during the year.

Schools and teachers will be selected based on the level of interest and enthusiasm the teachers' application, their current mathematical skills are not an essential part of our selection criteria.


For further information you may contact.

Melania Alvarez
PIMS/Math Dept. UBC


Malgorzata Dubiel
Math Dept. SFU


Since the program is focused on groups of teachers you are encouraged to discuss your interests with colleagues from your school, but each teacher should complete the form below individually and provide their own supporting statement. In the form please include your own details as a primary contact and include the names of any other teachers at your school who are interested.



To register your interest in this program, please complete the APPLICATION FORM. You will be contacted about the status of your registration after registration has been closed, before April 29th.




This event is sponsored in part by an anonymous donor and the Actuarial Society of Canada: