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PIMS education and outreach programs touch countless educators, students, and parents in Western Canada and beyond.

Our activities include: mathematics contests such as ELMACON; meetings for educators such as Changing the Culture; Math Manias; summer schools; Pi in the Sky, a magazine for high school educators, students and their parents, as well as awarding the prestigious PIMS Education Prize. PIMS also works with First Nations Schools throughout Western Canada to enhance mathematical opportunities for Aboriginal students.



PIMS educational outreach is made possible by our generous donors. For example, a donation of just $1000 to the PIMS peer mentorship program will provide the resources to help four to five students achieve their potential in mathematics for a year.

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Donations may be made online, or contact us for more information.

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For further information or to make a donation please contact the Development Office at 604.822.3404. Your interest in supporting PIMS is greatly appreciated!