Equity Diversity and Inclusivity Committee

PIMS acknowledges that equity, diversity and inclusion strengthen the mathematical community by increasing the impact and relevance of research; widening the pool of qualified potential participants; and enhancing the integrity of the programs.


The programs and groups we support should promote and develop a rich research community, accessible to every member of the community. The purpose of the PIMS EDI Committee (EDIC) is to develop implementable, explicit strategies to monitor and improve equity, diversity and inclusivity of the Institute and its activities, and potentially impact the wider mathematical sciences community. We strive to support inclusivity at all stages from K to retirement, recognizing that gains made through support of one level can often be impacted by a weakness at another. We furthermore recognize that clear, successful policies are required by funding agencies. Within the mandate we consider inequities faced  by women, Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities and diverse sexual orientation and gender identities.

EDI Committee

Susan Cooper
University of Manitoba
Laleh Behjat
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of Calgary
Jane Shaw MacDonald
PIMS Postdoctoral Fellow, Simon Fraser University
Hermie Monterde
Graduate Student, University of Manitoba
Malabika Paramanik
Banff International Research Station (BIRS) Director

Past Committee Members

PIMS would like to thank the following people for their past membership and participation in the PIMS Equity Diversity and Inclusivity Committee

Pamela Shah
Graduate Student, University of British Columbia
Greg Martin
University of British Columbia
Shawn Desaulniers
University of Alberta
Karen Meagher
University of Regina
Ruth Situma
Program and Communications Manager

EDI Reports