Math To Power Industry

Developed by PIMS and launched in August 2020, Math^Industry (Math to power industry) is a professional development school positioned to benefit Canadian economy and industry, while linking highly trained personnel to industry jobs.

Industry partners submit a math problem for teams to collaborate on. The program starts with a training boot camp (software best practices, coding, business, communications, project management), group collaborations with industry and faculty mentors, and creates a funnel leading to job placements in industry.

The final reports below showcase the problems worked on and the solutions found by the m2pi participants. To learn more about this exciting initiative and current projects, visit the dedicated m2pi website


Latest Issue

Math^Industry 2021 Final Report

Math^Industry 2021 Final Report


In this edition

  • AI for road surface scanning - Aerium Analytics
  • Feasibility of Using Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) Placed on Highway Medians - ATCO
  • Personalized Medicine - CSTS Healthcare
  • Modelling Mosquito Populations - City of Winnipeg, Insect Control Branch
  • Analytics and Visualization of Political Data - IOTO International
  • Characterizing Resistance and Conductance on a Copper Bus Bar - McMillan-McGee
  • Modelling Mountain Pine Beetle Invasions By Long Distance Dispersal - Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN)
  • Optimizing Marking Techniques for Mark-Recapture Studies of Mountain Pine Beetles - Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN)
  • Modelling Real-Time Hydraulic Systems with Position Based Dynamics - Serious Labs
  • New Techniques and Technologies in Data Driven Approaches to Sustainability - Theory Mesh


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