Research Exchange Program

PIMS is pleased to announce our participation in the Research Exchange Program, a program of the Research University Alliance which helps facilitate research visits and networking opportunities for graduate students and postdocs from underrepresented backgrounds. This partnership will facilitate the visits of up to 5 PIMS scholars/year, with a particular focus on PIMS scholars (graduate students or postdocs) from Indigenous backgrounds, to member institutions of the RUA, via the Research Exchange Program.


Program Details

Proposed visits will be reviewed by PIMS and RUA leadership to make sure the visits fit the goals of the Research Exchange Program, and PIMS and RUA will split the costs of these visits, up to a maximum of \$1,500 USD. To find out more about the RUA and see the list of member institutions, please visit the RUA website.

Reciprocally, scholars from RUA institutions will be eligible to visit PIMS institutions under the same conditions, and the approval of the host institution of the RUA scholar's supervisor.



For a PIMS graduate student or postdoc to participate in the program, they should first contact PIMS leadership by sending an email to with the details of the proposed visit, which should include the name of their supervisor, the proposed host at an RUA institution, and a paragraph or two about what the research objectives of the visit are.

Similarly, if a PIMS researcher is interested in hosting a student or postdoc from an RUA institution, they should send an email to


Jayadev Athreya,
PIMS Co-Director International,