PIMS Europe Fellowships

PIMS-Europe (CNRS IRL #3069) is announcing the return of the PIMS-Europe Fellowships. The goal of this program is to develop and support research collaborations between mathematical scientists at PIMS member universities and researchers across France. These fellowships will champion a mutual exchange of knowledge and talent while encouraging cross-ocean research on the frontline of the Mathematical Sciences. Fellowship awardees will receive CAD $5,000 to facilitate long-term visits to France.

Fellowship Parameters:
  • Fellowships are eligible to ALL mathematical scientists with faculty positions at PIMS member universities.
  • PIMS-Europe Fellows are expected to spend at least two continuous months working on collaborative research in France. PIMS encourages longer visits.
  • Visits must begin in the next calendar year following your application
  • Application Deadline: October 1, annually
Applications Instructions

Applications must include the following information

  • A focused overview of the planned research activity, including locations and anticipated France-based collaborators (up to 5 pages).
  • A letter of support from the proposed host institution in France.
  • A letter from the applicant’s department head supporting the proposed visit. The letter from the department head should reference the duration of the applicant’s stay in France. For visits that include part of an academic year, the department must commit to provide a teaching release covering the duration of the proposed visit.

Applications should be sent to the PIMS Director, Dr Ozgur Yilmaz <director@pims.math.ca>.

PIMS-Europe Fellowship Winners


Habiba Kadiri
University of Lethbridge


Sabin Cautis
University of British Columbia
No Image
University of Calgary
No Image
University of British Columbia


No Image
Simon Fraser University
Jennifer McCloud-Mann
Professor of Mathematics, University of Washington
No Image
Professor of Mathematics, University of Alberta


Steven Rayan
University of Saskatchewan
No Image
Professor of Computer Science, University of Manitoba
Slim Ibrahim
Professor of Mathematics, University of Victoria
Professor of Mathematics, Simon Fraser University
No Image
University of British Columbia